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Xbox360 Flash Cape Town, South Africa

We can flash your Xbox 360 to enable it to play game backups.

Xbox 360 consoles have been known to scratch game disks rendering them unreadable, Our service provides a solution to this inherent problem. Once your Xbox 360 has been flashed you will be able to play the backups and keep your originals safe.

The process of flashing your Xbox 360 involves the firmware(software) upgrade to your Xbox 360's DVD ROM drive. We employ a 3 step fail-safe system to guarantee 100% accuracy giving you peace of mind.

The great thing about this modification is that it is software based and no hardware modification is neccessary , thus leaving your Xbox 360 in its original condition negating all side effects of more intrusive hardware modding methods involving soldering.

All Xbox 360 consoles are flashed with the latest iXtreme firmware, the firmware has added stealth verification for additional protection.

Because we place high value on service excellence, we believe that focus, in-depth knowledge and personal attention are imperative.